1. How long do the effects of treatment last?

Results vary between individuals but on average the results of wrinkle-relaxing injections last 3-6 months and dermal fillers 6-9 months.

2. Will I see immediate results?

The effects of wrinkle-relaxing injections can be seen approximately 7-10 days after treatment with maximum effect at 14-30 days.

The results of dermal fillers can be seen immediately, however, some swelling is expected.

3. Are there any side effects?

As for any medical procedure, there are side effects, which range from common occurring to more severe.

Common side effects include bleeding, bruising and swelling.

Rarer side effects include infection, allergy and compression/blockage of blood vessels.

This is not a comprehensive list and all side effects/risks will be discussed at length in the consultation appointment.


4. Are the treatments painful?

Wrinkle-relaxing injections are virtually painless. Ice is applied pre-treatment to aid comfort throughout the procedure.

For dermal fillers, topical anaesthetic cream is applied prior to treatment and the dermal filler itself contains anaesthetic.

5. How long do the treatments take?

All appointments are booked for 30-45 minutes.